Mother upset parents weren't notified about school lockdown

PAYETTE, Idaho (KBOI) - With reports of a shooting down the street, Payette Primary School immediately went in to lockdown Thursday at around 2:25 in the afternoon. School officials say it remained on lockdown for about 15 minutes, until they heard from police that everything had been resolved. The school opened back up right before letting out for the day.

Vanessa Telly, the mother of a first-grader at Payette Primary, says nothing was said about the lockdown when she arrived at the school.

"I picked him up, he got in the car," Telly said. "Business like usual."

Telly says she didn't know anything about the lockdown until her son brought it up.

"He said that they all had to get into the corner," Telly said.

Telly called the school to see why it didn't notify parents of what was going on. The principal told her the same thing he told KBOI when we called: that the lockdown was a rush to keep kids safe, and there wasn't time to call parents while it was going on. Telly says she understands that, but can't understand why parents weren't ever informed afterward.

"What I don't agree with is after the fact not getting any phone call, not getting any notification," she said.

KBOI asked the school if after hearing Telly's complaint it would consider notifying parents of situations like this one from now on. The principal said he may discuss that idea in his next school meeting.