More Idahoans carrying concealed thanks to enhanced permit

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The number of enhanced concealed weapons permits being issued is shooting up across Idaho. In Cassia County, the sheriff's office says enhanced carry courses are becoming so popular that it's offering the usually $150 classes for free. In Ada and Canyon Counties, the numbers are up as well.

The enhanced concealed carry is different than the basic carry conceal that's been offered in Idaho for years. This permit is recognized in more states, requires extra training and is approved for the guns on campus law that just passed.

Since the enhanced carry came about in Idaho in July, 2013, 283 people in Canyon County have gotten the license, and 387 people in Ada County have gotten theirs. Hundreds of more people in both counties have already taken the course and are in the process of getting their licenses as well.

Gun instructors say they've never seen this many people in line for a permit before. Frank Huitema, an enhanced carry instructor, just began teaching the new courses at the start of this year. He says in just four classes, he's already trained around 100 people.

He says the past few months have been the "biggest enrollment we've ever had."

Huitema says the enhanced permit is so popular that even people who already had the basic concealed carry license are coming back for the enhanced training.

"I'd say roughly 70-percent are prior students of ours," Huitema said, "and are now coming back in wanting to do the enhanced because of travel and being able to carry on campus."

Huitema has taught concealed carry courses in Canyon County for ten years, but he says with the large number of students in Boise now wanting an enhanced license, thanks to the guns on campus law, he's about to open up classes in Ada County too.