Missing student Lucius Robbi found deceased near Stanley Lake

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Missing student Lucius Robbi, who has been missing for over a week, has been found, according to the Custer County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said after more than a week of searching, a private helicopter looking for the young man spotted the tip of a kayak in the trees along Hwy 21, near the Stanley Lake turnoff in Custer County. Investigators said Robbi died from hitting his head after crashing his car. Deputies said it was extremely hard to find the vehicle because major brush was covering the vehicle, and thunderstorms washed away his tires' tracks.

A family friend posted a message to the Facebook page set up for the search that Robbi was killed in a car crash.

Holly Hayes posted: "Thank you all for everything you've done Finding Lucius Robbi. This evening he was found. He passed in a fatal car accident and my heart goes out to all who had the pleasure of knowing him and to all those who have been touched by him."

And the family that owns Cascade Raft and Kayak posted this to their Facebook page: "Squeezing the last drops of light out of the day yesterday. I post this with a heavy heart as good friend and member of the Cascade Raft & Kayak family who went missing a little over a week ago was found last night. Lucius you will be missed, you were an example of an outdoorsman, adventurer, and waterman. Your life has impacted countless families as you have shared your love for the outdoors. We miss you Lucius."

Robbi was headed back to school at the University of Montana, but never arrived for orientation on last Wednesday. Custer County deputies said several leads helped them find the student, including video surveillance from a Chevron gas station in Garden Valley.