Missing family of four found trapped from mud slide

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Steven and Heather Rice and their two sons from Meridian, went to the BSU game Saturday night and that's the last their family had seen of them.

They went on a daylong hunting trip the next morning and their daughter, who stayed behind, said they never came home Sunday.

"She called and asked us have we seen them or heard from them? And we go no. Well they're still out there. And we waited till about 5:30 this morning and we headed out to look for them," Preston Cowns, a family friend, said.

Jody Rice, Stevens mother says the family and Elmore County Sheriffs spent the whole day looking for them in the Middle Fork area of the Boise River. Steven Rice and his two teenage sons are big time hunters. One of the boy's friends told the family they were planning to go to an area on Blacks Creek Road above Twin Springs in Elmore County.

Steven's mother received a phone call from Elmore County officials just after 9 p.m. on Monday saying the family of four were found and were safe. Jody Rice said that she was told the family got trapped in an area of a mud slide and could not get out with their truck.

She said she was told that an Apache helicopter found them and left them with MRE's for the night. An Apache helicopter is an attack chopper and is unable to carry out a family of four. Jody says they will have to wait until morning for a Blackhawk helicopter to rescue them out of the area.

Jody said that Steven and Heather weren't able to call because they were in an area that has no cell service. Jody Rice said they were told that the family would meet them at Gowen Field where the rescue chopper will drop them off.

Jody Rice also said she was thankful to KBOI 2News for reaching out to her and putting the word out during the day when her family went missing.