Mini-horse lifts spirits at Boise retirement home

Buster, a miniature horse from Kuna, is stealing the hearts of residents at a Boise retirement home. (KBOI Photo)

At 26 years old and standing at just 36 inches tall, Buster, a miniature horse from Kuna, loves visiting The Terraces of Boise retirement home.

Residents enjoy getting to pet him and visit with him. Buster spreads smiles around the home when he visits.

His owner. Elise Daniel, volunteers her and Buster's time to lift the spirits at the home and give back to the senior community.

For resident Kathy Johnson, Buster reminds her of her childhood on a ranch.

"Yeah we had animals and I lived on a ranch, my grandparent's ranch, and my grandfather raised puppies and so we always had puppies around to play with but, a horse?You would have been very popular," Johnson said to Buster.

Buster has been a therapy horse for seniors for most of his life, more than a decade. Daniel thinks the mini-horse relaxes residents, makes them happy, and gives them something to look forward to.

She says residents who used to have horses and now can't own them really connect with Buster.

His full name is Buster Brown from Out of Town, because he is originally from Maryland. Many residents ask if he is a pony, but his breed is miniature horse, not Shetland pony.