'Million Mask March' has large turnout in Boise

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - More than 100 people with the group Anonymous marched to the capitol in Boise Tuesday to protest a range of issues. With a better then expected turnout the groups hopes to effect change locally.

Nearly 150 protestors stood on the capitol steps, and listened to several speakers who talked about a verity of issues. While the group is known for hacking into organizations they don't agree with. Local protesters say it means something different to everyone.

"I see Anonymous as where there is wrong in the world, there is Anonymous standing up for the other person on the end of that stick," said Will Brown, who helped organize the event.

Anonymous has also brought attention to little known criminal cases.

Local organizers said their goal is to help with smaller problems they hope will effect big change.

"No one person can change everything, but if everybody does something imagine the ripple effect we could see here," Brown said.

The protest did prompt the principle at Foothills School to bring his students inside and call police. This happened after one protestor was wearing a mask while carrying an assault rifle. Police showed up on the scene and told the principle everything was fine and no one was breaking the law.