Middleton considering dropping its patrol deputies contract

MIDDLETON, Idaho (KBOI) - The Middleton City Council will consider whether to renew a contract with Canyon County Sheriff's Office for extra patrol deputies.

City leaders have questioned whether the price tag is worth it.

Starting Oct. 1, the cost of having three deputies and a sargent would be $293,923.90.

Joe Decker, Canyon County spokesman, says the county is hopeful the city will consider renewing the contract, and notes response times could go up without it.

"The Canyon County Sheriff's Office will still respond out to Middleton, but response times are going to be longer now because we're not going to have the enhanced presence there where we would already have most of the time one or two deputies in the area," Decker said.

Middleton Mayor Darin Taylor is skeptical of longer response time claim. He notes that the majority of crime happens in the Middleton area, not in the city limits.

Taylor said because of their location and low amount of crime he wonders if the contract is necessary because deputies will still patrol that part of the county.

"Middleton is kind of right in the middle of the north side of the Boise River," Taylor said. "So the deputies should be in, and around Middleton at any time even if they're outside of city limits."

Chuck Warfield, who owns a barber shop right in the middle of downtown, said he likes the extra patrols. While crime rate is low, he likes that deputies watch for speeders even though he is shocked by the price tag he said he likes the extra presence.

"We don't have a lot of crime, but you know sometimes we got it," Warfield said. "As long as they're here people know to 'hey slow down.'"