Miami residents also brace for Hurricane Matthew

(Screenshot from FaceTime conversation / KBOI Photo)

Miami, Fla., is expected to be one of the cities spared from the worst of Hurricane Matthew, but residents are still taking the necessary precautions.

KBOI 2News spoke with two women living in Miami, Alison Miler and Abby Alexander, about how they are bracing for the impact of the storm.

“Well I’ve been very nervous about it. I’ve been preparing as of Tuesday,” Miler said. “But there’s not really much we can do. We just have to wait it out because I don’t think we will get evacuated…fingers crossed. But we just gotta be patient I think.”

Miami residents were not told to evacuate, but Miler says she is prepared to wait out the storm should things take a turn for the worst.

“We tried to get enough stuff that would last us a pretty good chunk of time so that if we do need to stay here for a bit we can. But all of it is so unpredictable that we really don’t know what we are supposed to do.”

Both women live on the Bay, but are taking shelter at a friend’s apartment a few miles inland to be safe.

“There is a big difference between the beaches versus like inland more but you can see some places are closed early and they’re boarded up and stuff,” Miler said. “But other than that it’s kind of just dead out here there’s not a lot of movement.”

Alexander says her main concern is her car. She had to leave it at her apartment close to the water, and she hopes it doesn’t get destroyed in the storm. Regardless, she made sure to fill up her tank in advance.

“The gas lines are really long. A lot of the gas stations are closed because people took all the gas,” Alexander said. “And waiting in line for gas was like 30 minutes at some and then probably like an hour at others.”

Miler works for a school district in Miami and told me most high schools will serve as shelters, so they closed as early as Wednesday in order for emergency crews to begin setting up.

Alexander works for Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami and was told not to come in Thursday. However, all nursing staff is prepared to stay for the duration of the storm.

“The outpatient for sure got cancelled for today and then the inpatient just got cancelled last night at 7 p.m. but all the nursing staff was preparing to stay for over 24 hours,” she said.

As far as the weather in Miami, both say the winds are high and there is a lot of continual rain, but that is not out of the ordinary for the area.