Messy muddy trails are roughing up the Foothills

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Rangers are asking people to hold off from riding the trails when the foothills are wet and muddy. Rangers say that the trails are becoming muddy and soupy from wet frozen ground lately. Huge trenches are starting to form and there is a lot of slick mud spots.

Rangers point out that trail users are avoiding the mud by going around and that can cause a wider problem. "People going off the trails is quite a problem. After a while it kills the trail side vegetation and instead of having a single track trail system, we wind up with sort of a braided trail system dirt road type thing," ranger Todd Graeff said.

Rangers include that in the summer, the trails will harden and be scarred by all the damage that's going on to the trail right now. That could make the dirt harder to run on later and could cause rough rides and injuries.