Meridian PD plans crackdown on Settlers parking scofflaws

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) -- Many Meridian residents who frequent Settlers Park see it as an accident waiting to happen.

People are ignoring no parking signs, especially on days when major youth leagues compete, and they're parking along roadways or in neighboring subdivisions, where it's a closer walk to the field of play.

"It's all along Meridian Road," said Amber Ferris of Meridian. "Kind of makes me nervous. I wouldn't park over there."

"People will park along there and the thing that scares me is all the people crossing, not in the crosswalks, with their kinds and it's a busy road with traffic," said Britney Holden also of Meridian.

The problem isn't a lack of parking spots inside the park. There's plenty of space, a total of 715 parking spots.

The problem is where people are choosing to park: along Ustick and Meridian Roads, for example, and in nearby neighborhoods.

"If we can get people to park inside the park it would not only be the safest for them but be more respectful of the adjacent subdivisions," said Steve Siddoway with the Meridian Parks and Recreation Department.

Police have issued warnings and citations.

"We have talked to motorists who are parking (illegally) asking them to find a better place to park," said Sgt. John Gonzales with the Meridian Police Department. "What's next really is we're going to be looking at having our patrol teams pay a little bit more attention to that area."

As Settlers Park continues to grow in popularity, just where people park is a growing safety concern.