Meridian man travels to Texas to help hurricane-stranded family

Rocky Carson's family has a home on stilts to protect them from the rising Guadalupe River in Gonzales, Texas. They plan to use their boat if neighbors need rescuing.

GONZALES, Texas (KBOI) - Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast of Texas and the storm has caused widespread damage. It has reached inland cities like Gonzales, where Rocky Carson of Meridian has traveled to, and is helping his family stay safe.

Carson first reached out to KBOI on Friday and said that his father's home is now on stilts to protect the family from the nearby Guadalupe River as it rises.

Things have been getting worse in the area. There was a recommended evacuation in his neighborhood.

Many of his elderly neighbors would not leave. He said he and his family stayed behind to help them if the flooding reached their homes.

His neighborhood next to the overflowing river is somewhat secluded. He says any rescue efforts will have to come from within the neighborhood.

The family has a boat next to the home, ready to go if they need to rescue nearby neighbors.

"I have not been through anything like this before, but they have," he said by phone. "It floods every once in a while - this is one of the bigger ones. The last was in 1998 and it just wiped everything out."

Carson says at this point there is nothing to be done but wait out the storm and make the best of the situation.

He said he's prepared to stay in Gonzales for several weeks, if needed.

"We're pretty good on resources, packages, bottled water, food," He said. "That's kind of why we are fishing. We're trying to catch a big one for dinner. but we'll see how it goes and plays out. As of now we're not able to get out by vehicle. The only option of transportation is boat."

He said the area was seeing torrential downpour and the situation just keeps getting scarier.

They expect a break in the river will send water rushing toward homes at any moment. He expects the water will reach his father's home soon.

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