Meridian firefighters rescue baby goose that was left behind

Video courtesy David Fonseca.

Firefighters with the Meridian Fire Department were called out to an unusual situation Thursday morning at St. Luke's Hospital.

Employees at the hospital had noticed that several goose eggs hatched this week in a nest at the hospital. At some point, it appears that the mama goose and her babies left the nest and flew away, but one baby goose that was unable to fly was left behind.

The nest is on a roof at the hospital that had no access for people to get to, so the Meridian Fire Department was called in to assist.

Firefighters used a ladder truck to reach the nest and put the goose in a box and bring it down to the ground. A St. Luke's employee was able to record cell phone video of the rescue from inside the hospital.

The Meridian Fire Department says this is not a normal response, but based on where the goose was located, they determined they would be able to assist with the ladder truck and help the situation.

The goose was then given to St. Luke's staff, which had already made arrangements with a local animal rescue shelter.