Meridian Christmas light show to move out of neighborhood

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Scott Cadger has been putting on a light show at his house since 2005. He and his son saw one house do a big Christmas scene and they have been hooked ever since. " People have been coming to my house for years and it's just huge crowds and people have to fight to get in and wait an hour to see my house, so now we're making it more like a show," Cadger said.

Scott Cadger is now moving the light show to the Central Assembly Christian Church on Fairview Avenue and he says he's donating part of the proceeds to them as well.

Cadger says he's one upping himself this year with a 20 minute show and hopefully no traffic problems as people go through the parking lot instead of his neighborhood. "You tune your radio station in to a channel that we're going to have it set on and you listen to it in your car. This is going to be set up like drive in style where the cars are going to line up," Cadger said.

Cadger says he still has more than two weeks worth of work to do. He plans on having the first show ready to go thanksgiving night. You can go to his Facebook page to see times for the show and how to get a discount to the show.