Meridian, Boise school districts elect to stay open

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Numerous school districts and charter schools have closed for the day due to extremely slick conditions.

But Meridian and the Boise School Districts have elected to stay open - upsetting some parents.

"I am not driving my kids on these roads they r too dangerous and all the school districts should not risk the bus drivers or the children," Christy Kirk said on the KBOI Facebook page.

"I'm keeping the kids at home," said Pete Nava, another local parent.

Christina Slocum also chimed in on our Facebook page.

"I can't believe Meridian and Boise school (districts). School buses are late, so now the kids are having to stand out in this weather longer than normal," Slocum said. "What a bad judgment call on the school dists part. WOW."

Some students have elected to stay home - despite the district decision.

"The weather conditions are just horrible," said Trevor, a senior at Timberline High School in southeast Boise. "It's worse than the actual snow day we had earlier. I was literally just outside, and it's not worth taking any risk and I'm staying home."

We have calls into the Boise and Meridian School Districts to ask why school is still in session.