Memorial forms for Baker City boy killed in pit bull attack

BAKER CITY, Oregon (KBOI) - A teddy bear and some balloons are part of a makeshift memorial for the 5-year-old who died Friday in a pit bull attack. The items are positioned along a fence not far from the building where he attended kindergarten.

"In a tragedy like this, you can't even wrap your head around what they were going through," said Cassie Glerup of Baker City, "And I'm sure it happened so fast. We need to focus that a little boy lost his life too soon."

Glerup said her daughter was in Jordan's class and she was planning a memorial service for Sunday evening with candles, a moment of silence and a time for people to share their memories.

District Attorney Matt Shirtcliff says the attack occurred Friday morning.

Shirtcliff says the attack did not take place at the boy's home and that the dog is in custody.

Glerup said she hoped it would be a positive way to remember 5-year-old Jordan and turn attention from some of the negative comments she's heard surrounding the attack.