Megaload taking the high road to Idaho

IRONSIDE, Oregon (KBOI) - Omega Movers has a long haul ahead of them. The 901,000 lb. load they are moving to Canada has stalled for the night six miles outside of Ironside, Oregon. Mega Movers said the trek started on Dec. 2 at the Oregon Port of Umatilla.

From there they have been making their way through Oregon on its way to southern Idaho.

The movers say the load is a part to a water system that will go to an oil field in Canada. They said they have had two delays from protesters that chained themselves to areas that kept them from moving.

One was when they started right out of the port and also when they were in John Day, Oregon and protesters blocked the road with a vehicle. Omega Movers say that 16 protesters were arrested in the incident.

The company says that it takes 2 trucks to push the load from the back and one truck to pull from the front. The entire length from front to back is more than the size of a football field according to the movers. They says that the load has a total of 27 axles and the height is 19 feet. They are taking side highways and haven't been able to get on Interstate 84 too much because they say they won't fit under overpasses.

Tom Strandburg with the Oregon Department of Transportation says that the oversized load is scheduled to be in Vale, Oregon Thursday morning. But the movers say that bad weather may be moving in and the trucks will have to stay put for the evening.

They're only allowed to move from 8 p.m to 6 a.m. overnights and they are moving at a speed of 20 - 30 mph. The moving company says that ice and curves on the mountainous roads are their biggest obstacles for delays as they move on.

Omega movers say that if all goes well they should be in Homedale by the weekend.