Mega load making mega dollars for Marsing

MARSING, Idaho (KBOI) - The mega load is a boom for some small towns in its path. The mega load can't even fit through most small towns along the way, it has to watch out for lights or trees over the road. But business owners of the town of Marsing say they like the business the load brings. "It's picked up. We were closed over Christmas but the days we were opened we definitely saw people in and they were talking about it and going out to see it. Lot of people from Boise, Nampa and Caldwell," said the owner of Spot pizza, Debbie Watson.

The big load started its trek on December 2nd at Port Umatilla in Oregon. It's a heat exchanger that's on its way to Canada and has been parked outside the town of Marsing on 95 and highway 55 since Monday. The oversized load can only move through the night and goes between 20 and 35 mph. According to the Omega Morgan company there are two trucks that push the load and one truck that pulls it. From one end to the other, its longer than a football field. It can't make it through most towns without having to temporarily take down power lines and move signs and light poles.

It didn't go through the town of Marsing but they still felt the effects of the load going by. Visitors have been showing up from other parts to get a glimpse and take a few pictures. "A lot of them have been from Boise, but we have had some from Oregon. They almost kind of like follow it. Some of the people do," said Debbie Carter of D&J grill.

Cater got into the moment when the load showed by putting the mega load on her menu. "We had the mega burger which is a third pound burger and it's got Swiss cheese onions, ham and bacon on it and a lot of people love it," Carter said.

Other like the Owyhee county Sheriff's office say the load can be a pain. "A lot of u turns have been occurring on the roadway, I know there have been citations issued for that. It's an extremely dangerous situation right now," said Chris Even, an Owyhee county deputy

The movers say the load was scheduled to move on through the town of Murphy on Friday night but due to weather it will stay put through the night and may be on its way Saturday night.