McCall Winter Carnival organizers prepare for big turnout

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Organizers are busy getting ready for next weekend's McCall Winter Carnival.

The number of activities happening at the carnival is astounding for a town of 3,000. The hotels are filled for next weekend and almost full for the weekend after that. But don't worry, there are still rooms available for those who think about the box.

"What a lot of people forget about is our property management companies," said McKenzie Christensen, Winter Carnival director. "There are a lot of different condos, a lot of homes that offer a really great venue for families to come and stay."

Once you get there, the fun can begin. You can take the polar plunge for charity, or check out some action at the winter rodeo. You can go golfing on the snow with tennis balls and snowshoes, or imbibe in the winter ale fest, with more than 100 beers on tap for sampling.

"There are also a ton of activities that are absolutely free for families to come and enjoy," Christensen said. "The majority of our events are open. So for instance, the parades, the children's torchlight parade, the mardi gras parade. We welcome you to come stand on the street and enjoy the festivities."

Winter carnival starts Friday, Jan. 25 with the children's torchlight parade, which is followed up with a firework show. The festivities continue through Feb. 3.