Massive Spice sting operation goes down in Treasure Valley

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - More than a dozen people have been arrested in a federal drug sting after officials say they were selling Spice and or drug paraphernalia.

Thirteen smoke shops were targeted in the investigation around the Treasure Valley. Federal, state and local law enforcement made the announcement in a joint press conference at the U.S. Attorney's Office in Boise. (Photos from the Raids >>>)

Sixteen people were indicted on federal charges for conspiracy to sell drug paraphernalia. Fourteen of those people have been arrested while two have warrants for their arrest.

"Spice" is a general term that refers to synthetic cannabis, which is a
psychoactive herbal and chemical product. When consumed, it mimics the effects of cannabis.

According to the search warrant affidavits, nine of the thirteen businesses were openly selling spice. Those businesses included
Boise Beverage and Tobacco, One Stop Smoke Shack, Royal Smoke, Smoke N Accessorys, Smoke Shack, Smoke Shack 2, the Pit Stop, All Sunshine and Wonderland Hookah.

Spice was made illegal in Idaho in March of 2011. | Take a look at law

"This investigation and the execution of these search warrants should send a strong message that if you're selling Spice under any name or packaging - you need to stop," said Boise
Chief of Police Michael Masterson.

Suspects face up to three years in prison for a charge of conspiracy to sell drug paraphernalia and a maximum fine of $250,000.

Here's a list of the suspects and affiliated businesses

Bradley Berquist, 30, owner of Twenty After, and co-owner Gabriel Adam Busby, 37, of Boise

Thomas Blumke, 38, owner/operator of Other World Gallery, LLC, and manager Crystal Blumke, 32, both of Horseshoe Bend, Idaho

Yoke Fee Chan, 31, of Boise, owner/operator of Royal Smoke, LLC;

Hannah Farrar, 24, of Boise, manager of Piece of Mind;

Ali Mayid Kathem, 27, of Boise, employee of One Stop Smoke Shack;

Antonio Mendoza, 33, of Eagle and Jennifer Dixon, 38, of Boise, employees of All Sunshine, LLC

William Oldenburg, 65, of Eagle, owner/operator of Boise Beverage and Tobacco and Pit Stop Express, and Donovan Johns, 37, of Meridian, Idaho, co-owner/operator of Boise Beverage and Tobacco;

Troy A. Rawlings, 32, of Meridian, president of RG Distributing, Inc., which owns the Smoke Shack and Smoke Shack 2, and company treasurer Jason Guerrero, 33, of Boise

Adam Schreiner, 25, of Boise, owner/operator of Bernen's Pipe Shop, LLC;

Raj V. Singh, age unknown, of Boise, owner/manager of Wonderland Hookah and Tobacco Shop

Anthony Stoner, 33, of Eagle, Idaho, owner/operator of Smoke-N-Accessories.