Massage parlors closed in summer prostitution sting can re-open

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Last summer, we were hard pressed to get anybody to talk to us at implicated massage parlors after Boise police arrested several women, and the city temporarily closed six spas, following an undercover prostitution sting.

Now it was equally hard to get comment at the spas after an appeals process in which an independent hearing examiner upheld the city's action to revoke the massage parlors licenses.

The ruling actually sets the stage for the businesses to re-open but it will be much more difficult this time when they re-apply for a massage license.

"There are stipulations in the application process that can deter an establishment that's had a revoked license from re-applying," explained Craig Croner, administrative services manager for the City of Boise.

And next year, a new law passed by the legislature takes effect in July in which the state will more closely monitor massage parlors throughout Idaho.