Marsing man sentenced to 50 years for wife's oil-change death

MARSING, Idaho (KBOI) - A 38-year-old man who admitted to killing his wife after he said she died changing the oil to her vehicle has been sentenced.

Douglas Emery, Owyhee County Prosecutor, told KBOI 2News Friday that Rodney Wayne Bibbey was sentenced to 50 years in prison for the second degree murder of his wife, Trina Bibbey, who died April 4, 2013. The 35-year-old woman died at her residence near Marsing, Idaho.

According to court records, Bibbey pleaded guilty to second degree murder in exchange for the reduction in charge from first degree.

Doug Emery, Owyhee County prosecutor, said Bibbey was found dead at her home. When investigators arrived, they found her pinned under a vehicle. An expert testified that there was no way a jack failed on its own.

Bibbey will have to serve at least 10 years behind bars before he's eligible for parole.