Man who purchased tainted gasoline receives check to fix ride

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Earlier this week, we told you how one customer at a Chevron received a batch of bad gasoline from Jacksons in Meridian.

Well, Rudy Garza received a check to take of all the problems the gas did to his engine.

"There was heavy smoke coming out of the exhaust," Garza said. "The biggest issue was trying to take off from a stop light or any stop sign, it just didn't want to go."

He says he filled up his Scion XB last week at Jacksons on Fairview near Locust Grove. That's when his engine kicked the bucket.

"They had to drain the gas, they had to check the sensors, they had to replace the spark plugs, and some of the gauges and stuff," he said. "But the biggest issue was the Catalytic converter."

Garza called Jacksons after he found out it was a batch of bad gas that messed up his car. He says he was surprised when Jacksons stepped up to make everything right.

"They just said take it to your mechanic get it fixed well take care of it as soon as possible. And they actually did."

Jacksons cut him a check for a little more than $2,000 before his car was even out of the shop. Garza says he doesn't have any animosity toward Jacksons gas station.

"It's human error. Mistakes happen, I make mistakes everybody makes mistake all the time, I don't blame anybody. I am just glad the problem is fixed and everything is taken care of."