Man peppered sprayed after trying to swipe woman's purse

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Boise Police is looking for a man who got peppered sprayed after trying to swipe a woman's purse earlier Monday.

BPD says just before 9 a.m. a woman told officers that she was sitting in her vehicle on Newport Street when a man approached her vehicle and asked for money. When she told the individual she didn't have any spare change, he apparently reached inside the car and grabbed the purse.

The victim told KBOI 2News that she felt as if she was targeted because she's a nurse and has access to pain killers.

She then pulled out pepper spray and sprayed the man. He then took off of Marvin Street.

The suspect is described as a light skinned male in his 30's with facial hair, tall, about 6 foot 2, wearing a black hoodie with a black T-shirt underneath.

Anyone with information is asked to call 343-COPS.