Man loses leg on 'Drift Trike,' vows to ride again

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- A popular sport in New Zealand is making a splash here in Douglas County, but as KPIC News found out, "Drift Triking" can be very dangerous.

Just a few weeks ago, Chris Martin was doing what a group of people do every weekend: speeding down the hill on a drift trike.

The machine is essentially a homemade tricycle.

Martin crashed his homemade trike, and he lost a part of his leg.

But Chris says that in spite of losing his leg in the crash, he would like to get back out there. "I'd be lying if I said I'd never try it again," Martin said.

He says he learned about drift triking on YouTube.

Martin says he was on Callahan Mountain when he slid off the road and fell over forty feet, landing on his left leg.

Martin's friends say they had to lift him up over the bank with a rope.

One drift triking enthusiast says that just like any other sport, he takes every precaution he can. "We all wear helmets and some of us wear knee pads, so I don't think it's any more dangerous than anything else that anyone else could be doing, like snowboarding," said the man who identified himself as "Super Chris."

The other Chris says he will be more cautious in the future. "It's just going to be a matter of being a little more cautious and knowing you can get yourself in certain situations," he said.

Martin says it's simply a fun activity, and one he's not willing to give up any time soon.