Man killed 21 years after slaying foster parents

ONTARIO, Ore. (AP & KBOI) - An Oregon man has been fatally shot more than two decades after he killed his foster parents in a high-profile double murder.

The Ontario Police Department said the body of 34-year-old Jacob Allen Colman was found in his apartment Tuesday afternoon, and no arrests have been made.

Police Chief Mark Alexander said Colman moved to Ontario in about 2004 and lived alone. He declined to say how many shots were fired.

Colman killed his foster parents, Pete and Janet Read, in Central Oregon in 1992. In a taped interview with police, the 12-year-old boy said he killed them because they made him do his homework.

Colman was released from the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility when he turned 21 in 2000.

His biological father, Richard Colman, said Wednesday that detectives have yet to speak with him about what happened.

Neighbors of Colman say they're now on edge and wondering about the safety of their neighborhood.

"It's pretty quiet, you know," said Pedro Ramirez, who lives nearby, "It really is a good neighborhood to be in, so the fact that it happened right's shocking. It's shocking that something like this could happen so close to home."

Other neighbors KBOI talked to say they didn't see or hear anything out of the ordinary Monday night, when police believe Colman was shot.

But investigators are asking anyone who could be of help to come forward.

"Anyone who may have talked to him or knows him or knows anything about this incident...we definitely want to hear from them," Alexander said.