Man in custody for arson after suspicious string of fires in Caldwell

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Police say they've arrested a man after a suspicious string of fires in a Caldwell neighborhood.

Investigators say Scott Centers, 28, of Caldwell was arrested Monday. He's charged with first degree arson, second degree arson, and obstructing and resisting arrest.

Officers say 11 suspicious fires started on the 1200 block of Elgin Street in the past year. The most recent fire in that area was last Friday night.

Neighbors in the area have been on edge for several months. Last October, the house right next door to Corynne Parker burst into flames. Firefighters managed to keep the fire away from her home, which was just several feet away.

"They started putting cameras up after about the tenth fire, just for our protection to see who was starting them," Parker said.

The investigation involved the Canyon County Fire Investigation Team, which is made up of people from the Caldwell and Nampa Police and Fire departments, the Canyon County Sheriff's Office, and the Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.