Man, dog and three cords of wood roll on interstate

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- A man driving his truck, towing a trailer of wood, said the trailer started swerving behind him and his whole truck rolled.

It happened Wednesday around 9 a.m. on I84 near the Stage Stop. Will Lehmann said he went to pass someone when his trailer started swerving. Next thing he knew, the entire truck and trailer rolled and landed in the median. Lehmann said when the truck started to flip, he immediately grabbed his dog, Stuart Little, and held on. He said the seat belt saved his life.

"It was like riding an amusement park ride," Lehmann said. "Dirt was flying everywhere and I was more concerned about grabbing my dog, he was sitting next to me and I grabbed him to keep him from flying around the cab. And the seat belt just kept me right where I was; I didn't move an inch."

Astoundingly Lehmann and his dog left the crash without a scratch. He said he's a former policeman and doesn't believe he did anything wrong, and said the trailer is brand new, so he's not sure what happened.

Lehmann said his truck and trailer are most likely totaled. He was headed to his home in Elko, Nevada.