Man arrested for lewd conduct and battery in Roaring Springs restroom

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Meridian Police have arrested an 18-year-old Nampa man after responding to a report of lewd conduct at Roaring Springs Waterpark on Tuesday.

Police say George McFadden was arrested for Battery with the Intent to Commit a Serious Felony and Lewd Conduct with a Minor after an incident in the men's restroom.

Officials say there are two separate victims and they were both boys under the age of 16.

Police say McFadden grabbed one boy in an attempt to commit a lewd act, which resulted in the battery charge.

Officers say he grabbed the second boy and was able to touch him in certain places, which lead to the lewd conduct charge.

Police believe there are no more victims involved.

Police say McFadden has a diminished mental capacity, but does know the difference between right and wrong.

They also say that Roaring Springs did everything right in their response once they found out about the incident.

Anyone with information is urged to call Meridian Police at 846-7300.

Roaring Springs issued a statement later Wednesday night. It reads:

"Yesterday an 18-year-old mentally handicapped man was arrested at Roaring Springs Waterpark. According to the parents who filed the battery charge, George McFadden grabbed their son and threatened him in in the men's changing room. The parents of a second boy involved did not file charges.

The families immediately notified Roaring Springs management. Roaring Springs security isolated the 18-year-old and immediately called police. Police arrived and began their ongoing investigation. The families involved thanked Roaring Springs for their handling of the situation. The safety of all guests is Roaring Springs number one priority."

Roaring Springs later sent an updated statement:

"Meridian police has informed Roaring Springs management that the family of the second boy involved in the incident has filed charges. Meridian Police Lieutenant Jamie Leslie praised Roaring Springs handling of the situation, saying, 'Roaring Springs did everything right.'"