Man accused of killing monkey wants his trial moved

BOISE, Idaho - The man accused of killing a monkey at Zoo Boise now wants his trial moved to another county. In court documents filed Friday, Michael Watkins' attorney argues that the media attention will make it impossible to find a non-biased jury in Ada county.

But actually convincing a judge to allow a change of venue is rare in Idaho.

"It has to be a case where there is a huge amount of publicity and where there is some sort of community interest that is so riveting that no human being can honestly say I will decide on the evidence solely. That is a very rare case indeed," said former Idaho Attorney General David Leroy.

Along with being hard to prove, Leroy says it's also expensive.

"Practically speaking, you'd have to try a Southwestern Idaho case in North Idaho or Southeastern Idaho and that's unlikely to happen in any case," said Leroy.

Even high profile murder cases are rarely moved in Idaho. Joseph Duncan killed 3 people in Kootenai county in 2005. His change of venue request was denied.

Darrel Payne killed BSU student Samantha Maher along the greenbelt in 2000. His request was also denied.

More recently, Daniel Ehrlick, who killed 8-year-old Robert Manwill 4 years ago also had his change of venue request denied.

"All of these high profile cases come and go, and that's simply the world we live in," said Leroy.