Mall attack victim: 'I think his plan was to kill me'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A judge sentenced Gregory Macho to 30 years in prison for the mall attack on Kayla Flink in May, and for running over Angela Smoot, who was trying to help. Macho will have a chance at parole in 15 years.

In court the prosecution relived how Gregory Macho blocked Kayla Flink's car at Towne Square mall last May, jumped into her car and assaulted her. Another woman in the parking lot heard noises coming from the car and decided to check it out.

"As I got closer I could see her looking at me through the passenger window and I immediately knew that she needed help. Her face was red and she was crying and screaming and he was on top of her. I yelled out so he would stop," Angela Smoot said.

Smoot says Macho then jumped out of the car and ran to his truck, then started to drive off, but not before swerving to run her over.

"I only had a few seconds to look up as far as the hood of the truck and put my hands out in front of me. I was knocked backwards to the ground slammed my head on the pavement and watched his tire run over my body," Smoot said.

Kayla Flink, the one Macho attacked in her car says being in court brought back some bad memories.

"It was pretty scary being in there, I didn't want him to look back at me or anything," Flink said.

She says that at the time she feared she was going to die.

"I think that his plan was to kill me, I was thinking he was going to knock me out or put me in his truck or something," She said.

Kayla says she still feels little edgy in certain situations but is extra careful now.

"I still get a little worried around guys that I don't know, going places by myself, but it's a lot better now," she said.