Major: 'It's like being inside 'Call of Duty''

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Idaho National Guard was all geared up for combat, but the battle field was in a small building at Gowen Field.

Troops who are doing their monthly training are getting to use a the new Dismounted Soldier Training System. Intelligent Decisions designed the system in 14 months, and is now being used by the military to do tactical simulations.

Soldiers put on a pack that looks like a small computer, senors are strapped to their body, and they experience all of the sights and sounds of a battlefield. While standing in place they can practice real combat situations with their squad.

"So you can engage targets you can interact with other people," said Major Charlie Moore. "It's like being inside Call of Duty."

The new system costs just over a half million dollars, but officials say it will actually save them money in the long run. With the rising cost of fuel and ammunition it's cheaper to run a simulation at the base instead of driving all of the troops to the training ground and using live rounds. For guardsman who train one weekend a month the time it saves is what they notice.

" Typically in the past you are having to coordinate your buses transportation to and from the Orchard training area so right there you are saving three hours easy," said Sergeant Major Adams.

Officials hope to expand the system into other branches of the military so they can do large joint exercises with air and ground troops. Soldiers will still do training our in the field, but this allows them to learn the basic combat tactics in a controlled environment.