UPDATE: Flooding risk downgraded in Weiser, Midvale areas on Friday

Residents in Weiser and Midvale are finally getting some good news.

Earlier this week the National Weather Service was forecasting potentially major flooding for the already hard hit areas. But less than expected rainfall has certainly changed things for the better.

As it stands, the Weiser River is forecasted to reach flows of up to 10.92 feet by Friday afternoon. On Thursday, forecasters were predicting the river to crest above 13 feet. To put the number in perspective, the devastating flood that occurred on Feb. 10, water flows crested at about 12 feet. On that day, however, the Weiser River was chalk full of ice jams.

Cambridge, the NWS says, is out of the risk category.

"Everybody is way more on edge than I've ever seen them," said Barbara Pruner, a Weiser resident who lost her home in the early February flood. "We just don't know what to expect."

Pruner and her husband lost their home in the Feb. 10 flood. The Weiser River sent a foot of water inside above their home's floor line.

"It's not just water comes up like this, it was the river," she said. "It changed course and had current and then our took all the stuff it was going to kill and just smashed it against the wall. It was a raging torrent. "

Evidence of last month's flood are evident everywhere. Trees are scared, from ice chunks and logs. Concrete blocks weighing 4,000 pounds are pushed 30 feet by flood waters.

"We're all in a state of shock," Pruner said. "I think we were the only ones declared a total loss and now we have this scare coming up for this third flood."