Mailer in support of bonds not from City of Boise

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Mailers going out in support of two bonds in the City of Boise are not being sent out by the city. A group in support of the measure has been sending out information and making phone calls.

Because city leaders have been so outspoken in favor of the bonds some residents thought mailers were coming from the city - using their taxpayer dollars.

It turns out the group Yes! Yes! for Boise has been behind a majority of the campaigning. According to the group's co-chair, Brice Sloan they've raised more than $100,000.

"This is a private campaign that has been funded by a lot of different contributions from individuals large, and small," said Sloan.

He also points out that it's illegal for tax payer money to be used in favor or against any issue on the ballot.

Both bonds are for a stretch of 20 years and according to the city would cost the average property owner an extra $12 a year. The nearly $32 million would go to parks, open lands, and public safety services.