MADD: How about you just don't drink and drive

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that the legal limit for drunk driving be lowered to .05 from .08. The decision has some residents worried they won't be able to enjoy small amounts of alcohol while out.

We hit downtown Boise where many people were eating at local restaurants and some we talked with were concerned that low of a blood alcohol content would be to hard to notice.

Groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving say they appreciate the NTSB recommending the lowering of the number, but say their focus continues to be on preventing drinking and driving. They would also like to see harsher punishments for those who do get caught driving drunk.

"If law enforcement and prosecutors follow through on the laws in place the .08 would be fine,"said local MADD Victim Service Specialist Miran Aburusa. "Ideally what we like to tell people is don't drink and drive at all."

Although there is evidence to support that lowering the BAC to .05 does help reduce drunk driving fatalities.

More than 100 countries use .05 as there standard. In Europe drunk driving deaths went down by half in just the last 10 years. This would not be the first time the US has changed what it considers drunk driving. At one time the legal limit was .15 which was later lowered to .10. Although a push in the 90's brought it down to .08 in all 50 states. Drunk driving deaths have dropped by 50 percent since the 1980's, but 10,000 people still die each year from intoxicated drivers.