New Lucky Peak bike trail proposal, U.S. Army Corps asks for public opinion

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers asks for public opinion about Luck Peak bike trail proposal. (KBOI Photo)

More than a year ago, the Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association, or SWIMBA, presented a Lucky Peak trail proposal to the US. Army Corps of Engineers.

SWIMBA is calling it the Lake View trail, a 15 mile bike trail with both easy and challenging sections.

It stretches from below the Lucky Peak dam all the way to the Spring Shores Marina.

For the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who owns the land the trail would be built on, the trail will not only be a great recreational trail for bikers, but it could also help prevent fires.

"There's a potential that a trail could be a fire break from fires starting on our boat or camp sites, it will ease access to the south shore of the lake for surveys, biological surveys or receding efforts post-fire," said Keith Hyde, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers park manager.

The trail won't just be for bikers, hikers and even hunters will be able to use it.

"It will offer hunters new access they haven't had before, where they can hike, backpack into that segment of the Boise river wildlife management area," Hyde said.

Right now, the Army Corps is asking for public opinion about the proposed trail, you can comment online here.

If all goes well, the Army Corps will move on to an environmental assessment, after that the public will have another opportunity to comment.

If everything goes smoothly, they hope to break ground soon.

"Best case scenario, if the project is warmly embraced, we could start breaking trail as soon as October," Hyde said.

The trail could take several years to build, it would be made by SWIMBA volunteers.

However, Hyde says it will be done in stages so you can enjoy finished parts of the trail while the rest is being completed.

If you'd like to give feedback about the proposed trail, you have until July 28. View the full trail proposal here.

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