Low snowpack could affect your summer fun

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Several areas of Southern Idaho are 50 percent or lower of their normal snowpack. That is not only bad news for skiers and snowboarders, but could affect water levels and recreation in the summer.

This is the worst snowpack for this time of year in the Boise Basin since 1998. The snow levels are currently 50 percent of normal.

Hydrologist worry the low snow levels could mean less water in reservoirs which could lead to a shorter boating season, and lower water levels on some rivers.

"If this dry spell continues for another month or two then yes it will be even dryer than last year," said Ron Abramovich, hydrologist. "We've got one storm coming this week so that's going to help, but really it's going to take several weeks to make a difference."

More than just recreation officials are worried what lower water levels mean for farmers irrigation supply, and recharging aquifers.

Experts say while any amount of snow helps they said it will take several storms or a prolong snowfall to help catch back up.