Locals say historic barn lost to Highland fire flames

NEAR BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Fire crews, helicopters and an air tanker were able to keep homes in the Hill Top area from being damaged by the fast moving flames on the 600-acre Highland fire along Highway 21 Tuesday.

But several outbuilding were burned up and locals say that includes one historic structure.

Neighbors say a barn that was destroyed was historic, and served as a weigh station during the gold rush.

"In the gold mining days,it was a way station between Boise and Idaho City," said local resident Kathleen McCormick. "The family was a blacksmith and people would spend the night there."

We searched the archives of the Idaho Historical Society, and one place that fits the description and location was called Hugh Clawson's residence and toll gate.

But there's no telling for sure if the barn was part of the Clawson place.

The definitive answer may be lost to history -- and fire.