Local students learn like John Lennon with traveling educational tour bus

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus travels the country teaching students about music production. (KBOI Photo)

An educational tour bus with a focus on music is passing through Idaho this week.

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus has been around for 20 years. It may not look like a yellow submarine, but the blue bus is teaching kids how to make music using instruments they might not have at home.

Steven Meloney, an on-board engineer for the bus, says it gives students a chance to be creative and introduces them to some of the production jobs in the music industry.

"When students come on the bus it's always big smiles and they're always like crazy surprised like 'oh my God I can't believe this is a real thing and I'm in it,'" Meloney said.

Wednesday, Wilder students got the John Lennon experience. Some for the very first time.

"They're disconnected to John Lennon (laughs) like 'who's that? It's like alright what's this peace thing?'" joked Wilder Superintendent Jeff Dillon.

Yoko Ono, Lennon's wife, helped make the idea possible with other sponsors like Apple and Canon.

For ten months a year the bus travels around the country. They've already made stops in Boise and Idaho Falls.

On-board engineers hope the experience will stay with students for a lifetime.

"Almost every student gets really interested in the production side of things which is cool for us to see because that's why I have this job. 'Cause I love what I do," Meloney said.

The educational tour bus is a non-profit. To bring the bus to your school click here.