Local ski shops waiting for snow

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- At local ski and snowboard shops, people are buying new winter clothes and getting those skis and board fine-tuned for the season, even if that season isn't happening at Bogus Basin right now.

"The people I ski with, we'll go out of town to ski. We follow the snow," said Tom Charters of Boise. "I couldn't make it this weekend to Anthony Lakes, but I know a lot of people who did go."

But for local ski shops, there's nothing like that steady stream of skiers and snowboarders on their way up to and down from Bogus Basin to keep business thriving.

And while the specter of last season's latest opening ever at Bogus still haunts like the Ghost of Christmas Past. Nobody's hitting the panic button yet.

"Everybody's very anxious for it to start. And nervous about it starting like it did last year," said Jeff Lewerenz, owner of Bob Greenwood's Ski Haus on Bogus Basin Road. "But it's still a little early."

Remember -- as if we could forget -- last ski season actually started this year. Bogus Basin didn't open until the jaw-dropping date of Jan. 19th.

Last season's super late opening was brutal business for local ski shops, but they're keeping their fingers crossed history won't repeat itself.

"Yeah, it was a tough year," Lewerenz said. "We're hoping it wont be as bad as last year. We'll survive. Nobody knows what the weather will do. We just have to have a positive outlook."

And a snow dance or two couldn't hurt.