Local runners plan tribute to Boston victims

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Boise is a place where people love to run.

And Rich Harris, owner of Bandanna Running and Walking, had close friends running in the Boston Marathon Monday.

"We also know their kids from running high school sports," Harris said. "You become genuinely concerned about their safety, and well-being."

After the Boston bombings, Harris is also concerned about the well-being of the sport.

"So it's definitely going to change things, and not for the better," he said. "The unfortunate thing now is we've got our biggest race of the season, Robie Creek, coming up Saturday. What do people think about that, what does the race committee have to do to ensure somebody's safety out there?"

The race to Robie Creek begins at Fort Boise, and traditionally the start of the race has a theme and is kept secret. This year organizers are planning a gesture to honor the victims of the Boston Marathon."

"We would somewhat like to keep that secret as we do the start of the race," said Brian Rencher on the Robie Race Committee, "and we're still formulating the wording of what we will do and say."

And it's not just Robie Creek.

The London Marathon is this weekend as well.

For those who wish evil, unfortunately the world of running offers a target-rich environment.