Local districts digesting NRA school safety report

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) -- The School Shield Task Force report from the National Rifle Association is the latest addition to an intense national dialogue about gun control and school safety.

The document cost $1 million to produce and checks in at a hefty 225 pages, which are just now being digested.

"I have to be honest and say I haven't read this whole report to be able to tell you would I buy it wholesale or would I buy it in part," said Eric Exline, spokesman for the Meridian School District, the largest school district in Idaho.

It is a lengthy report, and certainly one of its most controversial recommendations is that schools across the country be allowed to train and arm at least one staff member.

But that recommendation isn't going over that well at the Meridian School District.

"That's not a conversation that we have had as we have look at how to enhance security," Exline said.

But Exline and Dan Hollar, his counterpart at the Boise School District, do agree with one of the NRA's findings -- that school resource officers from local police departments have proven to be "an important layer of security".

Exline says that was emphasized just recently when a school resource officer at Heritage Middle School called for an immediate lock down when an armed intruder was thought to have entered the building.

Exline says the Meridian School District is open to any advice on school safety and the NRA report will be yet another source of information to consider.