Local businesses perturbed with more health care delays

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Another delay in government healthcare is leaving some business owners in the Treasure Valley upset. President Obama extended the deadline for small businesses to cover health care for employees once again on Monday.

Now operations with 50 to 100 employees can wait another two years, until 2016, to offer coverage.

"I wish they would just either implement it and get it done, or not," said Darin Eisenbarth, President of Zamzows. "This continual change is just really starting to kind of wear, I think."

Even though Eisenbarth's business has more than 100 employees, other changes that come with the new mandate affect companies like Zamzows. For example, companies with more than 100 employees have to provide insurance benefits to 70-percent of their workers until 2016. It had been 95-percent until Monday.

"It probably more affects us with just more uncertainty," Eisenbarth said. "If this part of the law is changing, the part that we're planning for, is that going to change as well?"

As of now the federal government says all of the original rules will come back into effect in 2016. But Eisenbarth says he doesn't know what to think after lawmakers have changed the law so many times.
"It's a hassle," he said. "Just get it done. We understand it's going to be painful, but let's just go through it. Putting it off is actually making it worse."