Local airline passengers react to LAX shooting

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Passengers going in and out of the Boise Airport gave their reaction to the news of a gunman shooting four TSA agents at LAX. Some coming from other cities said they noticed a difference in security.

Boise Police said they didn't have more officers on patrol than normal at the airport Friday because there wasn't any specific threat. Although they did make sure their officers were more visible throughout the day.

We talked with Bruno Gralpois, who flew in from Seattle, and said he could notice something difference.

"It felt like people were a little bit more tense than usual," said Gralpois. "I think there were a lot more TSA people and they actually closed a couple of lanes."

Other passengers like Brett Smith were also aware of what was happening, but said more security probably wouldn't have helped.

"If somebody is going to be not in the right state of mind the mental state of mind to do something of that nature," said Smith. "They are going to do it regardless of whether security is there or not. Like I said it's a say situation no matter which way you look at it."