Link to BSU severed for the summer

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Boise River was an obstacle for immigrants along the Oregon Trail who had to ford the river with their oxen and wagons in tow. Pedestrians today need not go to such great lengths, but they will need to find a new route once they close the Friendship Bridge.

The vital link between Boise State University and Julia Davis Park will close on Friday, and is not scheduled to reopen until September 8. The Friendship Bridge is going to get a new deck and some lighting along the handrails.

Greenbelt users will have to cross at either Broadway or Capitol if they wish to travel on the other side of the river. Many BSU students and faculty park in Julia Davis and cross the bridge over to the university.

"I park here everyday because I don't want to pay the $1.50 and hour that they charge you for parking because I am here about 3-5 hours a day and they don't pay for our parking so that would impact me a lot," says Gemma Morawski, an adjunct professor at BSU.

BSU student Troy Mazzan says he had absolutely no idea the bridge was closing and quickly racked his brain to come up with a new free parking spot.

"I am probably going to have to park, dang, probably over by Pizza Hut or something like that. It will be a little bit farther of a walk, but it shouldn't be too much of a big deal," says Mazzan.

Finding the money for the project and coordinating with construction companies took a while, which is why work will still be ongoing the first few weeks of the fall semester.

One good thing about the bridge being closed, there should be a lot more parking spots available at Julia Davis Park once the college students go away.