Like it or not, your power bill's going up

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - As temperatures rise and air conditioning usage goes up, you may expect a higher electric bill. But even if you don't use extra power, your bill will still be more.

Energy rates change every year. Idaho Power makes those annual adjustments based on how much providing electric costs.

The company gets about half of its energy from local water sources. After a dry winter, water levels are down.

Idaho Power says it will have to pay $140 million more this year, because it has to use more expensive resources like coal and gas to fuel the state.

That's a 12.54 percent increase in your electric bill starting next month.

Idaho power says it's asking the Public Utilities Commission to break up the amount over the next couple of years.

If the commission agrees to the proposal, your bill would go up about eight percent this year. The average household would pay an extra $7.28 a month.

The commission will decide by the end of the month. The price change will start on June 1st. You can give the Public Utilities Commission your input by leaving a comment on its website.