Letter to senator demands he stop statements about cow abuse video

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Sen. Jim Rice made news last legislative session when the Caldwell Republican said abuse of cows at an Idaho dairy in 2012 was orchestrated and directed by an animal rights activist while filming with a hidden camera.

And an attorney representing Mercy For Animals, one of the several groups suing Idaho over its new ag gag law ,has sent a letter to Rice, demanding he stop making such statements or face a lawsuit himself.

"The senator should not and legally cannot be spreading false statements about Mercy For Animals," said attorney Vandhana Bala, " so if he persists in doing this we would enforce our rights in court."

Rice declined comment.

The lawsuit against Idaho's ag gag law was filed in late March.

The lawsuit claims Idaho is "criminalizing investigative journalism and whistle blowing" by employees.

The groups say they are suing to prevent enforcement of the law "which constitutes a sweeping prohibition on important protected speech."