Les Bois Park says it's not casino style gambling

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI) - Les Bois Park says they want to add historical wagering to live horse racing at the park. Machines would show races that have already been run and bets would be placed on the outcome. The state of Idaho passed the law allowing them last session. But now Garden city wants to keep it out of Les Bois Park.

Les Bois park wants to renegotiate their lease with Ada County that owns the land in Garden City. But Garden City wants the county to know the wagering machines will bring a lot of problems to the area.

"You can gamble and drink, there's going to be several hundred people potentially there while this is going on. I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that there are consequences to a local policing unit when you mix that cocktail up," Garden City mayor John Evans said.

Les Bois park says that 200 historical machines will bring more jobs, more business and more money to Garden City. They also say they have their own surveillance and security force in place. As for the machines they say they're not slots and is not casino style gambling. "I think if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck is it something else. They're machines, you activate the machines by pushing a button of some kind. And the wheels spin and it's a crap shoot so to speak on what comes up," Evans said.