Left in Oregon hospital bathroom, woman seeks birth mom

SALEM, Ore. - A young woman abandoned by her mother in a bathroom stall at Salem Hospital as a baby wanted to meet the nurses who took care of her 20 years ago.

Those nurses, who still work at the hospital, haven't seen the child they called "Baby Katie" who stayed at the hospital for months. Eventually, she left and found a loving, caring adoptive family.

Katie, not her real name, has known about her one-of-a-kind story since she was young. Her adoptive parents made her a memory book. She doesn't know her real birthday so her parents picked July 21, 1992 - a few days before staff at Salem Hospital found her.

She went back to Salem Hospital recently for some medical treatment and decided it was the time to reveal who she was to the nurses who still work there.

Those nurses, Brenda Peulen and Denise Ehredt, said they'd never heard of any other baby abandoned at the hospital in all those years since the summer of 1992.

"It's just great to see this kind of ending of a story that had a unique beginning. What a delightful young lady she is," said Ehredt.

Even though her birth mother abandoned her, Katie said she wants to find her. She wants to know her background, her heritage and if she has any brothers or sisters.

Katie sought connection to her birth mother and the abandonment by going into an identical bathroom Friday to the one she was left in.

"It brings back a lot of emotion for me," she said. "I feel like I'm in the moment. ... This is where I was left. It's hard to believe this is where I was left. It's a bathroom."

What would be the first question she'd ask her birth mother if she ever met her?

"Why did you leave? I mean, I would thank her because it was the best thing, but what was your reasoning? Why?" she said.

Katie said she's studying to be a nurse. Maybe that choice had something to do with all the nurses who loved her so much.