Left at the Alter: Local brides irked over wedding venue

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The invitations have gone out for the Terry-Campbell wedding scheduled for April 21.

The reception hall, Century Hall and Gardens in Eagle, seemed like the perfect spot to tie the knot.

"We found out approximately five and a half weeks prior to our wedding that we do not have a venue (anymore)," said Debbie Friesen, the bride's mother. "It's not one that we can count on-not one that I'm willing to bet my daughter's wedding on."

Friesen says she's trying to handle the ordeal so her daughter can focus on her big day and it's turned into a nightmare.

"He (the owner) can't guarantee that we'll have electricity, have water or parking spaces," Friesen said.

The owner is Cache Miller.

The Truth-Squad emailed Miller to find out his side of the story. He said his constitutional rights are being abused by the state of Idaho. It's over an eminent domain issue involving Century Hall and Gardens and the state of Idaho - more specifically the Idaho Transportation Department.

In the email, Miller says the state controls the property without buying it.

The parties haven't been able to agree on a dollar amount and negotiations have dragged on - creating a financial hardship, Miller said. He's also filed for bankruptcy.

Officials with ITD acknowledge a project to connect Highway 16 to Chinden Boulevard is in the works, but actual construction wouldn't begin until the fall or early next year.

ITD says the project in no way should interfere with spring and summer weddings this year.

While it's being sorted out, the brides who booked Century Hall and Gardens are being left at the altar empty handed. They paid deposit between $500-$1,000.

"He has said he will not give refunds and is not in a position to refund money," Friesen said. "To me or any of the other brides."

The families are left to find a new place to tie the knot. And the clock is ticking.

"Talk about stress to find a new venue," she said. "The invitations have gone out. People have booked airfare from California, Illinois and Texas. There's no changing the date at this point because they can't get their money back."

Dale Dixon of the Snake River BBB sent out an open letter warning the community about Miller's business practices. He encourages anyone who's had an issue with Miller to call the state attorney general's office.


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