Lawmakers react to armed visitor's version

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- He's no longer the mystery man in the statehouse security video, the unidentified armed visitor taking pictures of documents on lawmakers' desks.

He's remorseful 47-year-old Bryan Carter of Meridian who we met Tuesday at 670 KBOI's radio studios.

And he told us he understands why lawmakers might be offended.

"Yes, and that's what breaks my heart," Carter said. "That was not my purpose, that's not what I was seeking to cause."

Carter said he meant no harm when he came into the House of Representatives with a scout tour and started taking pictures of papers on desks, and going through papers.

But legislative leaders say, he crossed the line.

"Well, I'm glad he's taking responsibility for his actions," said Rep. Scott Bedke, house speaker. "That's the first positive thing I've seen him do."

Carter, who describes himself as a husband, father and Christian, says he was just taking photos of phone lists on desks for easy future reference.

Police say he broke no laws.

His story was all the buzz at the Statehouse and most people we talked to say it just doesn't add up.

But as a result, public access to the house and senate chambers is now suspended on the weekends.

And those chambers will also be closed to the public after 6 pm on weekdays although on weekdays the capitol itself will remain open until 10 pm.